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  • Sans sommation
Catalog no.:VHS01554
Releasedate movie:February 1973
Releasedate medium:September 1976
  • Crime
  • Action
Total playing time:94 min.

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Product:1 VHS band
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  • Thorn EMI Video VHS 90 2333 2
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Commander Capra, who used to fight in Indochina, is aware of some suspicious compromises made by powerful politicians. Because of this, he is wanted by the police. He hides in a camp in the jungle. Maury, a former police inspector who was discredited, is given a second chance. He resembles Lieutenant Kieffer, an adventurer who knew ex-Sergeant Donetti, one of Capra's best friends, long ago. Maury is tasked with taking out Capra as soon as the opportunity arises. But Capra has his doubts about Maury from the start.

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