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Catalog no.:VHS01426
Releasedate movie:October 1996
Releasedate medium:October 1996
  • Dutch film
  • Drama
  • Music
Total playing time:105 min.

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  • RCV Onbekend
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
Lisa is young, beautiful and adventurous. Her passion is mountain climbing. When she discovers her boyfriend Robert is cheating on her, she cools her anger the only way she knows how: climbing. One day, as she climbs the facade of a 26-story hotel, she finds herself in the room of timid Sam. He is a young piano student studying for an important music competition. They fall in love and Lisa teaches him to climb. Nothing seems to stop the burgeoning passion between Lisa and Sam. But then Lisa's ex-boyfriend Robert tells her he's sero-positive...

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