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De liefdes van Hercules

Catalog no.:VHS01404
Releasedate movie:August 1960
Releasedate medium:September 1976
  • Fantasy
  • Adventure
Total playing time:105 min.

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  • Eagle 515
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
Again and again the gods invent new trials to test the strength and courage of Hercules, and each time the great hero manages to save himself from the most awkward situations. He is, as the oracle says: "a puny raft in the wake of a mighty ship, a plaything of the elements". When Hercules returns to his camp, his wife and all his friends have been killed by the army of Alcalia, at the behest of his arch-enemy King Uritho. The hero enters the city to seek revenge, but then it transpires that the king is dead: fallen in battle, one thinks, but in reality cowardly murdered by his counsellor the cruel Lico. Hercules refuses to take his revenge now on Deanera, the beautiful daughter of the king, but the people demand a divine court. Deanera survives the ordeal, but then it is revealed that Lico is trying to frame her in order to gain power. Hercules doesn't see through Lico's evil plans, but he senses that Deanera, who has won his heart by now, is in danger...