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A toute vitesse

Catalog no.:VHS01402
Released:July 1997
  • Drama
Total playing time:82 min.

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  • Argus Film Onbekend
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
Rick and Samir promise each other eternal friendship. During a nightly escapade Rick is killed. Samir lives on alone. He moves to a town in the south of France, where he meets a group of friends. The idealistic student Julie lives with her parents on the outskirts of town and enjoys life to the full. Her boyfriend Quentin, a working-class son, publishes a book that makes him famous overnight. Quentin's rough friend Jimmy is an avid biker, always looking for kicks, speed and the limits of existence. Then Quentin meets Samir at a party. He is fascinated by him and asks him to tell the story of his friendship with Rich, so that he has material for his new book. Samir agrees but falls deeply in love with Quentin who, however, firmly rejects him. Quentin leaves for Paris to immerse himself in literary circles. He hardly sees his old friends anymore...