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Trust (1990)

Catalog no.:VHS01235
Released:April 1992
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Total playing time:106 min.

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Product:1 VHS band
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  • Homescreen HS 921005
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
Maria Coughlin, the main character in Trust is pregnant by the local football player. But he has other plans for the future and abandons her. When her father hears the news he dies of a heart attack on the spot. Maria leaves home and, after wandering around, meets Matthew, a brilliant but messed-up computer engineer. He compensates for the humiliation he suffers at home by behaving violently in the pub and at work. Mary and Matthew find each other in their state of mind, but do not speak of love. Love would be a concept that does not fit into the absurdist, conflictual and at the same time laconic tone of Trust. But that doesn't make their story any less romantic.