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Another way

  • Egymásra nézve
Catalog no.:VHS01104
Releasedate movie:October 1982
Releasedate medium:October 1982
  • Biography
  • Drama
  • History/Historical drama
Total playing time:107 min.

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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
1958, two years after the Hungarian uprising. A young journalist becomes embroiled in a politically charged conflict with her editor in chief and in an affair with a married, female colleague. Her fight against the limited journalistic and personal freedom becomes fatal. A sensitive and honest film about a tragic love affair between two women in the Hungarian journalist milieu of the 1950s. Political confusion and censorship, a still hostile attitude of society and problems with self-acceptance lead to Eva being shot by the border police and Livia just surviving an attempt on her husband's life. Károly Makk (1925) is considered one of the leading figures in the postwar Hungarian film world. His banned film was finally allowed to be screened because it is based on a successful 1980 novel by Erzséber Calgóczi.

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