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The photograph

  • Fotograf
Catalog no.:VHS01072
Released:November 2001
  • Drama
Total playing time:61 min.

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  • Tiger Releases Onbekend
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
For fifteen years a bloody battle has raged in W-O Turkey between independence fighters and the Turkish army. The Photograph is set against this background. Faruk and Ali meet in the bus. They are about the same age, but have totally opposite aims: Faruk is going into military service with the Turkish army and Ali is on his way to the mountains to join the Kurdish rebels. They don't know each other's backgrounds, and during the twenty hours in the bus a temporary but sincere friendship develops. A few months later they meet under completely different circumstances: during bloody fights between the army and the rebels, one of the boys almost trips over the lifeless body of the other.