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La lieu du crime

Catalog no.:VHS01029
Released:September 1986
  • Crime
  • Drama
Total playing time:94 min.

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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
14-year-old Thomas loves making up stories. How could it be otherwise, so little happens in the remote village in the south-west of France. Except for that one day! An event causes a drastic change in his life and that of the people around him. An event with far-reaching consequences for his grandmother, a gentle woman with a penchant for tradition. And also for his father Maurice, who, although separated from Lily for two years, is nevertheless prepared to make concessions in order not to lose her completely. A profound event also occurs in the life of Martin, a fugitive. Inexplicably, he finds himself drawn to the remote village. Perhaps because of Thomas, whose life he saves, or because of this unknown woman he meets in a dance hall, without knowing that she is the boy's mother. For her the event will have the most consequences...