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Lemmy waagt het erop

  • Lemmy pour les dames
Catalog no.:VHS01007
Released:March 1962
  • Drama
Total playing time:98 min.

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Product:1 VHS band
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  • EVC 2148
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
Lemmy Caution loves the ladies, but wants to enjoy an undisturbed holiday at the Cate d'A zur. Yet even there, a beauty in a sports car forces herself on him, who starts behaving very strangely when an all oven attractive trio makes their appearance. Curious as ever, Lemmy goes to investigate and notices that the trio are wives of foreign diplomats holding key positions in the Atlantic Treaty Organization. He uses all his charm to get them to talk, but they turn out to be in the power of a blackmailer who steals the military secrets of their husbands. So instead of his hoped-for break, he is forced to use all his cleverness and fistpower. Sensation and brawling according to the tried and tested 'Eddie formula'.