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Catalog no.:VHS00961
Released:November 1973
  • Action
  • Biography
  • Crime
Total playing time:106 min.

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  • RCV V1119
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
John Dillinger (WARREN OATES) was the most famous bank robber in the America of the thirties. With his gang he stole a fortune thanks to machine guns, fast cars and an incredible amount of guts. When Dillinger is finally arrested, he escapes from a maximum security prison with the help of a gun, which he made of soap and shoe polish. FBI top man Purvis (BEN JOHNSON) is caught off guard for the umpteenth time. Dillinger's girlfriend Billie (MICHELLE PHILLIPS) ends up becoming a prostitute and Dillinger himself has disguised himself. Thus they escape arrest after yet another bank robbery. Mom's fate is sealed when hooker mom Anna (CLOBIS LEACHMAN) betrays them in exchange for a police bounty.