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Heat and sunlight

Catalog no.:VHS00881
Releasedate movie:November 1988
Releasedate medium:November 1988
  • Drama
Total playing time:93 min.

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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
HEAT & SUNLIGHT covers the last sixteen hours of the love affair between photographer Mel and dancer/choreographer Carmen. On the day before his fortieth birthday, Mel returns from a work assignment in Nevada. It was agreed that Carmen would pick him up. She is not there, however, which strengthens Mel's suspicions that she has begun an affair with her dance partner Adam. He is overcome by jealousy and self-pity. He eventually decides to go and see Carmen at home, where he finds her in the company of Adam, whom he comically drives out the door. Once alone, he does his utmost to win his girlfriend. It turns into a passionate love-making after which he cannot control himself and, out of pure jealousy, tries to force Carmen to choose between him and Adam.

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