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Catalog no.:VHS00621
Released:August 1980
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Total playing time:95 min.

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  • CBS Fox Video VHS 7029 54
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Characterized by intensive and often violent sexuality, Cruising is one of the most bizarre murder mysteries ever made and also the most controversial film in years. Oscar contender Al Pacino takes us on a peep-show journey to the sado-masochistic gay scene of Manhattan's West Curtain Based on a number of gruesome murders committed there in the early 1970s. Al Pacino plays a police officer with the secret mission to invade this strange world. Covered in black leather. By posing as a victim, he hopes to attract the attention of the psychopathic murderer; what he then sees, feels and discovers will change his life forever. In this fascinating role, Al Pacino is at his best after his role as an agent on secret assignment in the movie Serpico. After the French Connection, in which he directed agents on secret assignments, this is director William Friedkin's best film. Together, they bring to life, with astonishing and grim credibility, this arguably strangest situation of American sub-culture. Cruising portrays the filth with a chilling effect; but also those who heroically fight against it.

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