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Crimes and misdemeanors

Catalog no.:VHS00588
Releasedate movie:February 1990
Releasedate medium:February 1990
  • Comedy
  • Drama
Total playing time:100 min.

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  • Columbia Tristar CVT 12029
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"Crimes and Misdemeanors" is a comic drama, about love and reality, trust and disillusionment, success and failure, good and evil. Two separate stories take place. Dramatic is the story of Judah Rosenthal (Martin Landau), a successful doctor from New York. He is married, but has had an affair for years. When his girlfriend wants to force him to leave his wife, Judah decides in his desperation to have her killed. Evil triumphs, because not only does he go unpunished, he is even rewarded. Comic is the documentary producer Cliff (Woody Allen) and his love for Hally Reed (Mia Ferrow, "Hannah And Her Sisters"). But also his brother-in-law; the superficial TV producer Lester (Alan Alda, "M.A.S.H.") tries to win her love.

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