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Le vieux fusil

Catalog no.:VHS00545
Released:November 1975
  • Drama
  • Thriller
  • War
Total playing time:100 min.

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  • Spectrum 040 375 2
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
France 1944. The Germans had to retreat for the advancing Allies. Their attitude towards the population became more and more aggressive as a result of this situation. Also the surgeon Julien Dandieu comes into conflict with them in his hospital in Montauban, when he treats patients, Nazi or not. The pro-German militia warns him that his family is in danger if he continues to help 'enemies'... Then he brings his family to safety at his old castle La Barberie an hour's drive from the city. It's a matter of a few days and the city is liberated, the nightmare is over. Julien goes to the old castle to visit his wife Clara and daughter Florence. When the castle comes into sight, he sees SS soldiers in their black uniforms walking in the courtyard. Then he makes a gruesome discovery: not only his staff but also his family has been brutally murdered. Only the laughter of the drunken soldiers can be heard in this silent world. Julien is quiet, too quiet, like a man who has lost everything but his mind. He prepares himself for a grim one-man war, in which he systematically deals with his enemies.

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