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The road home

  • Lost Angels
Catalog no.:VHS00009
Releasedate movie:May 1989
Releasedate medium:1991
  • Drama
Total playing time:112 min.

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  • RCA Columbia Pictures Video CVT 12838
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The Road Home (Lost Angels)

Fast cars, villas and wild parties. If you're a teen with money in Los Angeles, you can do two things. You learn to live with the prevailing madness, or you go against it. Tim Doolan (Amdam Horowitz) resists everything and indulges in sex, drugs and Rock 'n Roll. But his party life comes to an abrupt end when he wakes up, tied to a bed in a mental institution. There he meets psychiatrist Dr. Charles Loftis (Donald Sutherland) who sets out to get Tim back on the right path. A difficult road that takes Tim to the most important person in his life ... himself.

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