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Master of the game ; vol.1

Catalog no.:VHS00002
Releasedate movie:October 1984
Releasedate medium:1987
  • Drama
Total playing time:180 min.

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  • C Transuniversal Video Benelux ONBEKEND
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We are going back to the past. The 100-year-old family chronicle of the Blackwells spans from the diamond fields of Africa to the art galleries in Paris, from the stately homes of England to the boardrooms and bedrooms of America. IAN CHARLESON, who played leading roles in two recently Oscar-winning films, 'CHARIOTS OF FIRE' and 'gandhi', plays JAMIE McGREGOR, a young but exhausted Scottish diamond miner who risks his life to stay with his friend BANDA. (JOHNNY SEKKA) to stay and claim a fortune in diamonds.
Once wealthy, Jamie destroys the relentless van der Merwe empire and marries their daughter Margareth. From this marriage their daughter KATE is born; she is destined to become "THE MASTER OF THE GAME" ...

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