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Dead again

Catalog no.:MOV06094
Releasedate movie:0001
Releasedate medium:2000
    Kijkwijzer advice 12 year or older
    Anxiety effects
  • Crime
  • Drama
  • Mystery
Total playing time:103 min.

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Product:1 DVD video
Order info:
  • Paramount 55609
DVD Region:
  • Region 2 (Europe, The Netherlands)
TV standard:
  • PAL
  • Color
Spoken language:
  • English
  • German
  • Multilingual
  • English
  • Dutch
  • German
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(This text has been automatically translated by DeepL)
Director Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson play impressive dual roles in this supernatural-tinged romantic thriller.
Private investigator Mike Church becomes entangled in an unnerving mystery when he is called in by a beautiful woman plagued by blood-curdling nightmares. With the help of an eccentric hypnotist, Church tries to discover the source of the nightmares.
A bewildering and breathtakingly thrilling finale follows.

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