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Empire state

Catalog no.:MOV04970
Releasedate movie:September 2013
Releasedate medium:December 2014
    Kijkwijzer advice 12 year or older
    Foul language
  • Crime
  • Thriller
Total playing time:90 min.

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Product:1 DVD video
Order info:
  • Warner Bros. Records 1000406462
DVD Region:
  • Region 2 (Europe, The Netherlands)
TV standard:
  • PAL
  • Color
Spoken language:
  • English
  • Dutch
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The action thriller Empire State tells the true story of Chris (Liam Hemsworth) and Eddie (Dwayne Johsnon “The Rock”) who grew up together in Queens. When Chris is rejected to work for the police force, he takes a job as a night watchman at a money transport company. Eddie persuades him to rob the place. The friends go down in history as two unlikely thieves who commit the largest robbery to date in the United States.

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