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Shaded places

Catalog no.:MOV04764
Releasedate movie:November 2001
Releasedate medium:November 2009
  • Drama
  • Thriller
Total playing time:90 min.

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Product:1 DVD video
Order info:
  • Video/Film Express 500262
DVD Region:
  • Region 2 (Europe, The Netherlands)
TV standard:
  • PAL
  • Color
Spoken language:
  • English
  • Dutch
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Beautiful and popular Emily invites all of her childhood friends to spend a weekend in her remote mountain cabin. After ten years she is the only one who still has contact with the rest. The others have each started to lead their own life and lost contact. When everyone has arrived at the refuge, Emily turns out to be nowhere to be found. They then start to dispense some uncomfortably old stories from their childhood. Inadvertently they are confronted with their past and that is not always fun. Certainly not when they see Emily again the next morning ...