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Catalog no.:MOV03117
Releasedate movie:May 2002
Releasedate medium:December 2002
    All ages
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Dutch film
Total playing time:100 min.

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Product:1 DVD video
Order info:
  • RCV K6079DVD
DVD Region:
  • Region 2 (Europe, The Netherlands)
TV standard:
  • PAL
  • Color
Spoken language:
  • Dutch
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(This text has been automatically translated by Google translate)
When Nino (Jacob Derwig) tells his sisters Wanda, Sonja and Michelle that he is getting married to his girlfriend Bo, the three are speechless. Not only because they thought he was gay, but also because by getting married he inherits the Hotel ParaƬso in Portugal. The hotel they all thought they were entitled to. The three sisters hatch a plan to sabotage the wedding. But then they are invited by Bo to help her with the wedding.

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