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Sweeney Todd : The demon barber of Fleet Street

Catalog no.:MOV00874
Releasedate movie:0001
Releasedate medium:2008
    Kijkwijzer advice 16 year or older
    Anxiety effects
  • Musical
  • Drama
  • Horror
Total playing time:111 min.

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Product:1 DVD video
Order info:
  • Dreamworks Pictures 621174SDN4
DVD Region:
  • Region 2 (Europe, The Netherlands)
TV standard:
  • PAL
  • Color
Spoken language:
  • English
  • English
  • Dutch
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Tim Burton and Johnny Depp: Two Legendary Talents Reunited. The successful collaboration between the director and protagonist of five notable films (including Edward Scissorhands and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) continues with a razor-sharp sequel with this gripping thriller, based on Stephen Sondheim's world-famous musical. The story of a nineteenth-century London barber who takes revenge with his razor has it all: richly flowing blood, tension, love, humor, compelling music and stunning graphics. Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and Sacha Baron Cohen contribute to the menacing atmosphere of this absolute masterpiece with their portrayal of Sweeney's henchman and victims. Ready for a shave? A thorough shave? Sweeney waits ...

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