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The enchanted island

Catalog no.:DCD1191
Released:October 2012
  • Opera (complete and highlights)
Total playing time:195 min.

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Product:2 DVD videos
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  • Virgin 40424996
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  • Region 0 (eg Netherlands).
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  • NTSC
  • Color
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(This text has been automatically translated by Google translate)
Commissioned by Peter Gelb, manager of the Metropolitan Opera House, Jeremy Sams composed an opera from baroque music by Handel, Vivaldi and Rameau, among others. The idea is certainly not new. In the eighteenth century, new operas, called pasticcios, were regularly created in this way. For the story, Sams was inspired by Shakespeare's The Tempest and Midsummer Night's Dream. Since the (dream) cast was known early in the creation process, the singers influenced the development of the characters. The role of Neptune was specially created because Plácido Domingo had indicated that he wanted to participate. It has become an entertaining story: imaginative, humorous and with its (real) divorce problems also serious. Compared to a baroque opera, the emotions are more recognizable. The production is wonderful:

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    The enchanted island