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The baby of Macon

    Kijkwijzeradvies 16 jaar of ouder
  • Drama
  • Historie/Historisch drama
Totale speelduur:122 min.

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Product:1 dvd-video
  • Kaleidoscope SVE 0150
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  • regio 2 (Europa, Nederland)
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  • PAL
  • Kleur
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  • Engels
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The film unfolds as a three act play performed in a cathedral before an unruly and at times raucous audience. When the play commences the audience, including the pious 17 year old Cosimo participate and at times even directs the drama. The action is set in a french town hungry for martyrs. Divinely punished for allowing its cathedral to decay, the women are overwhelmingly barren.
When a beautiful baby boy is born to a monstrously pregnant, middle aged woman, he is venerated as a child saint. The baby's sister is the first to cash in, passing herself off as the virgin mother of her infant brother, and charging the public to view the elaborate tableau of mother and child.
As the sister prospers, wide scale avarice kicks in, propelling the church to profit from the innocent by bottling and selling his bodily fluids. A power struggle ensues and the child is ultimately sacrificed.
When Cosimo is invited to choose which style of retribution the sister should suffer, actors and audience become indistinguishable.