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101 Reykjavík

Film uitgebracht:Juni 2000
Drager uitgebracht:2001
    Kijkwijzeradvies 16 jaar of ouder
    Drugs en alcohol
    Grof taalgebruik
  • Komedie
  • Boekverfilming
Totale speelduur:84 min.

Jouw waardering:
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Gemiddeld:nog geen waarderingen
Product:1 dvd-video
  • Metrodome MTD5045
DVD regio:
  • regio 2 (Europa, Nederland)
TV standaard:
  • PAL
  • Kleur
Gesproken taal:
  • IJslands
  • Engels
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Living on social security in the protected environment of his mothers home, Hilmir has never felt the urge to venture beyond the confines of his neighbourhood, 101 Reykjavik, and is determined to resist adulthood at all cost. However he soon finds out that life is busy making other plans for him when he discovers that the woman he has just been to bed with happens to be his mother's lesbian lover, and may be carrying his child. 101 Reykjavik is a zany black comedy set against the backdrop of Iceland's swinging nightlife and features a musical score by Damon Albarn and Einar Orn Benediktsson.