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The Agnès Varda collection ; vol. 2

Film uitgebracht:2009
Drager uitgebracht:2009
  • Drama
Totale speelduur:449 min.

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Gemiddeld:nog geen waarderingen
Product:4 dvd-video's
  • Artificial Eye 5021866473307
DVD regio:
  • regio 2 (Europa, Nederland)
TV standaard:
  • PAL
  • Kleur
Gesproken taal:
  • Frans
  • Engels
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Continuiing the remarkable versatility of Agn├Ęs Varda, this second collection features four more classics from the true visionary of the French New Wave. Extra features include documentaries, short films, trailers and much more....



  • Afl. 1The beaches of Agnès

    Weaving photography, archive footage, scenes from her own films and present-day sequences, the legendary French auteur Agnès Varda takes us on a memorable voyage through her life, during which she confronts the joys of creation and artistic success and the pain of personal loss and ageing.

  • Afl. 2L'une chante, l'autre pas

    Agnès Varda focuses on the intertwined lives of two women brought together during the struggle of the Women's Movement in 1970's France. To make lighter the statements related to a chauvinist and sexist society, Varda creates a musical of its kind. The Orchidée band as a trio of singers and the colourful hippie time costumes bring back the utopia flavor of the Sixties.

  • Afl. 3Vagabond

    Sandrine Bonnaire won a Best Actress César for her portrayal as Mona - a young and defiant drifter in this tragic story. Using a largely non-professional cast Varda recollects Mona's story through flashbacks of those who encountered her, producing a splintered portrait of an enigmatic woman.

  • Afl. 4Jacquot de Nantes

    It's the story of a child and his obsession of pursuiing his dream to become a filmmaker. How he buys his first camera, shoots his first amateur film, which marks the beginning of one of the most prestigious careers of any French director, Jacques Demy. The story is told with emotion by Agnès Varda, who shared his life for years.