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100 years of comedy

Film uitgebracht:2000
Drager uitgebracht:2000
  • Komedie
Totale speelduur:99 min.

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Product:1 dvd-video
  • Passport International Pictures 4006408820673
DVD regio:
  • regio 2 (Europa, Nederland)
TV standaard:
  • PAL
  • Kleur
Gesproken taal:
  • Engels
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Here it is! With the centennial of the invention of Motion Pictures comes a programme with all the laughs that can be crammed into 100 minutes of non-stop merriment. Journey on a rip-roaring trip through the world of cinema comedy, with the funniest moments in the history of Hollywood, from slapstick of the silents through the screwball comedies of the 1930's and 40's, to the red hot hi-jinks of Hollywood's most recent comedies!